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Low expectations for G20 leaders’ summit, The UK growth anxiety is nothing new, and more

by admin

Low expectations for G20 leaders’ summit By Mark Sobel

G20 leaders gather in Bali, Indonesia, on 15-16 November amid an increasingly gloomy global outlook, growing fragmentation and cries for collective action. There will be much excitement. The opportunity for global leaders to meet and hold bilaterals is highly welcome. But key challenges are not likely to be well addressed and accomplishments will be few and far between. 

 Long read: 
The UK growth anxiety is nothing new
By Meghnad Desai
As long as I can recall in my life as an economist, there has been a growth anxiety in British political life. Since the 1950s, recurrent crises – both national and global – have agonised UK financial markets. 
 Growing geopolitical problem for debt managers
By OMFIF editors
The geopolitical yield premium for government borrowers from central and eastern Europe since Russia invaded Ukraine in February is a growing problem for debt managers.  
Operating models, technological platforms and integrated data strategies
Wednesday 23 November, Roundtable
This is the second of two roundtables hosted by OMFIF and State Street Bank. It explores the operating models, platforms and strategies central banks should consider for data categorisation, integration and management. 
Avoiding a debt crisis
Neil Williams, chief economist, and Taylor Pearce, economist at OMFIF, discuss the forces behind UK government funding costs, what measures are available to the Bank of England and how they might suit the UK.
Digital assets: Regulation and infrastructure for an evolving economy
This report examines the economic opportunities digital assets present, looking at different kinds of digital assets and the possibilities they offer for businesses and individuals to deliver value and generate revenue.

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