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Caution on Banks, Geopolitics et al live on TV

by admin

Following our 7th of March participation, this mid-March live TV encounter earlier on tonight with Stergios Kalogiros of Vergina TV in Athens’ studio, Spyros Papadakis – journalist and political editor also in Athens and Kostas Dimitriou in Cologne, president of the Federation of Greek Diaspora Unions in Germany and John Faraclas in London, covered some important global issues:

  • The Credit Swisse and other Banks – Silicon Valley Bank, fall before rescue… and what is yet to come
  • The ongoing war in Ukraine… and what else to expect…
  • The Greek – Turkiye relations…
  • The view of some Greek Politicians, Academics and others on a joint venture exploitation and business cooperation between Greece and Turkiye on Hydrocarbons, territorial waters and conversely EEZ..
  • The situation in Germany with the Greek Diaspora… as well as the relationship with the Turkish Diaspora and other Diasporas..
  • The economic situation… in Germany…including the energy issues…
  • The collision of trains in Greece – off Tembi, Larisa…
  • …and other top hot global issues…

Enjoy the live video here below and look forward your comments:

NB. our participation is between 18:20 until the end. The programme is called “Commenting on top daily news; part A”

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