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He Has Risen amid Chaos

by admin
The Resurrection; iconography from the Cathedral of the Dormition of the All Holy Mother of God, in Paleon Faliron, Athens, Greece.-

by John Faraclas

This was the first so to speak post-Covid Easter “Celebration”  for all  2,4 billion Christians all over Planet Ocean, with 2 billion having “celebrated” same on the 9th of April – Catholics, Protestants et al, and 400 million Orthodox – Hellenes [(Greek and Greek Cypriots), Slavs, Copts et al last night]. Thousands will mingle tomorrow with their Orthodox brothers and sisters in parks, open-air restaurants, home or communal gardens and greens, cemeteries and coastlines with some having the traditional lamb on the spit, and many at sea, on board ships keeping Planet Ocean’s Logistics alive!!!

Today, Tonight is The Harrowing of Hell, where Christ won over Death and the Resurrection becomes a reality so to speak:

Christ won over Death and the Resurrection becomes a reality so to speak:

Christ is risen from the dead,
Trampling down death by death,
And to those in the tombs
He has given life!

(the above is a free translation from the Greek:

Χριστός Ανέστη εκ νεκρών
θανάτω θάνατον πατήσας
και τοις εν τοις μνήμασιν
ζωήν χαρισάμενος!)

As we have numerous times stated on canvas, it is about time for all Christians to observe Easter on the same date. The Eastern Christianity recognizes a different date because they follow the Julian calendar, the Western Christians follow the Gregorian one; by the way, Great Britain changed to the Gregorian calendar in 1752… It has also to do with the stars and their position… But in Business, say in Shipping, we observe ONE calendar. Indeed we navigate with the stars; wake up! Same applies with the split between mainly the Slavs and few others that celebrate Christmas on a different Date – at least the Hellenes (Greeks) – who Christianised the Slavs and others during the Byzantine Millennium era, have the 25th of December as Christmas Day!!! Scientists and High Priests MUST come down to their senses! Politics MUST stay out of this – you dead well know what I mean…  Pragmatism MUST prevail, it is about time!

For the …record, we remind you that in the 21st Century there are “same” day “coincidental” occasions – 31 to be precise when East and West celebrate together, but after 2099 we will have together, the same  Easter Day after 801 years, i.e: in 2,900 A.D !!! In the next 21 years, until 2042, Easter will be “common” in 2025, 2028, 2031, 2034, 2037 and 2041!!

Love was Christ’s Scope and Message; for This Love we all hope: for a Catharsis of our Souls and Minds, for Healthy Bodies, Love in Pain, Sorrow and Happiness AND HOPE! Darkness has lost to the Light of Truth, Life prevails over Death… Indeed the Crucifixion of Jesus by his own compatriots using the Roman occupants / rulers in Judea as a leaver, teach us all a great lesson as we still see today, nearly two millennia, the same forces of Darkness wanting / demanding to destroy Humanity by using exploitation and greediness – see how society tackled Covid-19 and the Vaccinegate will “crucify” / punish the lot… soon! Not to mention the despicable war in Ukraine which continues and God knows when Peace will come… More wider Wars are about to begin, including economic ones… Shame!

We witnessed earlier on tonight a very special liturgy, one of the biggest I have ever witnessed at the Church of the Dormition of the All Holy Mother of God in Paleon Faliron (see photo above), a maritime suburb south of Athens by the Athenian Riviera – which we call Falifornia!

Managed to spot a few of friends, and relatives from the Shipping Fraternity, Academia, Business, as well as old and new neighbors. All in all two thousand worshipers inside as well as outside the cathedral mostly on its raised paved compound. Many were on the surrounding pavements and at the two streets leading to the church!

The traditional Mayiritsa; a soup with chopped liver, rice and other ingredients.

Thereafter, back home for the traditional Mayiritsa and breaking of red eggs (see photos above)

from Vrontados’ Rocket War- picture by Capt. Antonis Ch. Pitsilos

On the Greek Island of Chios in the North Eastern Aegean, at the seaside town of Vrontados, the traditional Annual Rocket War – just after the priests declare in the Psalm that He Has Risen, as we were advised by the president of the  Chios Marine Club  Captain Antonis Ch. Pitsilos and EVAT (EBAT) members headed by its secretary-general Emily Papazis, same took place at midnight and we were lucky to have this news here on time! We are also advised that the rockets begun to “fly”a couple of hours before the Resurrection… This year there was a controlled number of rockets, around 30,000 as our informants told us; the rockets …didn’t target the Bell Tower of Saint Markos and Panagia Erythiani (the two “fighting”, I mean at “war” cathedrals), but …reached the skies! Moreover, this 500 (five hundred) year old custom was filmed by Hollywood’s production group MSG and same will be shown this coming September at the well-known MSG Sphere in Las Vegas. Chios’ Mayor Stamatis Karmantzis said that …”customs cannot be cancelled by either the District Attorney, nor by the Police”, but advised explicitly to all for “safety” and refrain from the norm. He also mentioned that …”by pursuit against the rocket-faithful*, the opposite results will …surface…”.-

Viewers can watch a bit from the Vrontados’ Easter Rocket War in the link here below, provided by Capt. Antonis Ch. Pitsilos:


He Has Risen! Enjoy with care Easter Sunday and Stay Safe. Did I hear you say lamb on the spit? Thousands of international tourist flock to Greece to witness and participate in this unique feast! And what about the traditional Easter Sweets, including the traditional Easter Tsoureki (cake) powered with Masticha from Chios, once again from Sarayli :

Our thoughts are, firstly and foremost with the thousands of Seafarers now at sea, thousands of miles away from their homes and loved ones keeping the supply chain of all goods and services alive and moving and seen in our shops’ shelves!!!  Emanating from a Shipping and Seafaring family, I know the feeling… Safe Journeys and let us see society – mainly politicians via the IMO REALLY and not superficially honor them.
Secondly, with all those involved with the despicable war in Ukraine – now in its 14th month, and sincerely hope for all sides to seat down and make Peace; NO EXCUSES please!! If this War doesn’t stop here and now, for sure, and I can guarantee this, same will spread… More Wars are unfortunately in the cards, including economic ones; brace!

*All credits go to the Vrontadoussians, real champions in ballistics, hence once I heard: “Wernher von Brown, eat your heart out!

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