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Tribute to Love

by admin

The eighth solo painting exhibition of Eva Bratopoulou, entitled “Tribute to Love”, was inaugurated last Sunday, August 6, at the historic and hospitable multi-purpose space of Liotrivi, a restaurant at the old port of Spetses.

The painting exhibition, apart from being successful, had two specific characteristics.

Firstly, the painter’s clear exhortation to show love in every aspect of our lives. Secondly, her works, amazing in terms of techniques, intense in colour and theme, intensified the emotional charge of those who attended.

Anna Tsekoura, writer, introducing the event during the private view

The rapid evolution Eva Bratopoulou’s artwork, both in terms of technical approaches and in terms of her inner philosophy, which is now reflected in her works through an eloquent painting, made it clear that she is now a painter of great artistic maturity, despite her young age.

The works are accompanied by verse-poems to the love of world literature and poetry, with a greater emphasis on Greek writers, edited by the author Anna Tsekoura, at the prompting of the painter. A choice that was not only apt but also a tribute to Art in general and as a whole, it clearly states how the painter generously honors, respects and bows to all art forms and how the arts can converse and inspire each other by intensifying creative expression.

l to r: Elias Stofylas, poet, the artist, Eva Bi, Demetra Boufi, Eleftheria Tripolitsioti

The event was attended by art lovers, people of the art world, as well as a large number of visitors of the island, to admire the new works of the talented artist from Spetses.

“Tribute to love” the new art exhibition by the famous and internationally known painter Eva Bratopoulou, which opens on Sunday 6th August  at the special restaurant Olive Press in Spetses, Old Port, is grandly inspired by Love in all its aspects. 

Maria Papadea, Litsa Xylokota, Lambros Bratopoulos- the father of the artist and Nikos Soulias

” The thing that attracts me to Eva’s art is the simplicity of the image and the drawn subject, no matter how hard it is to be drawn. So, everyone who looks at the paintings finds it feasible and has it presented in front of them real, regardless the excellency and the perfection that characterize every single piece of art by this young lady artist. She has the power to make each piece be presented so earthy,  an open gate that attracts you and invites you to be blessed, while being cast adrift into its space and time. However, it  seems like the perfect absence inside someone’s mind and  soul. All of us do  know how powerful can an absence be! Everyone becomes conquered by something that seems impossible but still, it creates this sense of flying away in Freedom as long as deep inside they really believe that everything is possible. 

Yes, this is magic! 

In this art exhibition ‘Tribute to Love’ Eva includes significant classic paintings that have been painted from her own perspective. The piece of mind, the  expectation,  the faith, the boundless love and the constant giving are obvious in every creation of hers. 

The high intelligence in Eva Bratopoulou Art is this, ‘the from  elsewhere coming’, that she herself bears in her own life and becomes a work of art every time she touches her brushes. The simplicity of the depiction and at the same time the brilliant technique used, give her art a kind of vibration that pierces everyone. 

Grande odalisque

I am not an Art Assessor, yet, I have chosen two extraordinarily beautiful paintings as the covers of my literature books because of the Soul I saw in there.  Pure, impeccable, clear soul. ls there any simpler and more mysterious than the Soul? is there anything more complicated ? Is there anything more unexplored and more significant than the soul?  Soul is immortal and immortality passes on each piece of Eva’s Art since Art with soul will be existing in the infinity, for all time. 

Eva’s soul is found visible inside every canvas. Every time she reveals something from her soul’s  special safe and let little diamonds shine in there. These diamonds are not always marked with joy. Inspiration is often born by devastation. Eva herself,   though, is a bright, colourful, fresh young lady; fragile yet, dynamic, sensitive but decisive. Eva Bratopoulou is a modern fairy devoted to the Art of painting and she is constantly pouring down her own stardust making the most shallow moments in our lives different and through her work makes it possible to change the Ugly.” 


Critic Note by the awarded Greek Writer, Academic Assistant,  English Literature Professor, Anna Tsekoura.

“I wish the visitor to be inspired by my artwork and be guided into a dive into their existence I want them to seek their truth and disclose their deepest thoughts, bringing them up to the surface, along with emotions. I would Ike all of them, to be there, ready to confront whatever these hidden feelings and ideas represent, in order to be able to walk towards an ideal future, full of Miracles. 

Coming to Tribute of Love Exhibition I wish you could sense the energy of this special place, Liotrivi, which bears its own magical powers and feel the magic of love and beauty.  Love and Beauty are two Eternal elements which contradictively bear the subjective untouched,  through the centuries.  Simultaneously, they are two elements which make us see the world from a different angle, think under a nuove Prisma. After all, the beauty we see around us is a reflection of the beauty we bear inside and whatever is beautiful inside, for each one of us,  it is true, purified,  boundless and unconditional Love.” 

The artist with her mother Thetis Katsori

The exhibition is open every night 20:30-23:30  until 17th September 2023.

The Invitation

*Eva Bratopoulou

She is Greek and grew up on the enchanting island of Spetses, Greece. Her interest in painting began at a very young age. Since her childhood Eva has been practicing and experimenting either with watercolor, pencils or collages. When she was in High School her teachers used her artwork in order to decorate School’s walls. She studied Marketing and Advertising at the University of Crete. Her inner need for creativity was expressed by creative promotional videos and advertising campaigns. She graduated with high honors. After graduating she worked at an advertising company in Athens where she was responsible for organizing events, writing press releases and creating print ads. In 2010 she returned to Spetses Island, where she decided to pursue a career in finance. She succeeded in the national examinations required to obtain a permanent work position at the National Bank of Greece. At that time she decided to pursue her childhood passion, painting. She studied for almost eight years, next to the painter Demi Tasioulis and the art restorer Alexandros Tsironis, at the “Spetses Painting Workshop”. There, the foundations of her painting creativity were laid. Graduating from the Mastery Program of the Milan Art Institute in 2019, she had discovered her personal, artistic style. In 2022 she participated in a reality show with others profesional painters from all around the world ‘THE OUTSTANDING ARTIST’, an American production. In 2023 she contributed to the organization of the Rhodes Art Retreat of Milan Art Institute where she taught painting techniques. The emotional connection the painter has with the sea is reflected in all her works whether they depict water or not. Using oil, acrylic paints and sprays, she composes works that seem to be composed of millions of tiny drops of liquid element that have gathered autonomously to create works that are intensely romantic, feminine, sensual and exude mystery, spirituality, optimism and nostalgia at the same time.

Whale’s Love Song

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