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Xi Jinping’s historical view of economics hampering China’s growth, and more

by admin

Xi Jinping’s historical view of economics hampering China’s growth By Meghnad Desai

While the rest of the world experiences the sting of stagflation, the Chinese economy seems to witness a whole different beast: deflation. The slowdown in the Chinese economy has been expected for some time now. The question is whether this is temporary or rather, a longstanding structural problem.

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Solving Argentina’s economic failures will take hard work
By Mark Sobel
With Javier Milei’s ‘surprise’ victory in Argentina’s primary election, global investors are now focusing on his highly unorthodox economic policy proposals. While he is right to call for massive fiscal consolidation, dollarisation would be a far too risky gamble.

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How debt-for-nature swaps can affect sovereign credit 
By Thorsten Nestmann
The difficulties many emerging markets face in mobilising capital for climate-related initiatives, while already saddled with high debt burdens, have increased attention on debt-for-nature swaps.

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Fostering financial inclusion through payments in the Middle East and Africa
Thursday 31 August, Live broadcast
OMFIF’s Digital Monetary Institute in partnership with Mastercard Policy Center for the Digital Economy, continues the high-level dialogue of deepening trust in financial services through technology and the steps needed to ensure an integrated system.

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Solving cross-border transactions with CBDCs
Daniel Nagy, business analyst, CBDC at Giesecke+Devrient, joins Lewis McLellan, editor of OMFIF’s Digital Monetary Institute, to discuss how central bank digital currencies might help address the challenges of the cross-border payments market.

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Global Public Investor 2023
The role of reserve managers has never been so challenging. The 10th edition of the report explores the pressing considerations and intentions of reserve managers with analysis split across six chapters.

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