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Join our free Chios summer school on Future-ready Transport, Shipping and Logistics!

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Join our free summer school in Chios!

Let’s sail towards a brighter future in transport, shipping and logistics together!

The summer school entitled “Future-ready Transport, Shipping, and Logistics: Rethinking Competence and Skills” offers a comprehensive educational experience, integrating six distinct courses that collectively prepare participants for the dynamic future of these industries. Covering critical topics such as sustainability, resilience, big data analytics, climate neutrality, safety, collaboration strategies, and port innovation, this program equips participants with the competence and skills needed for excellence in the rapidly evolving transport, shipping, and logistics sectors. By emphasizing sustainability, innovation, and collaborative approaches, it fosters a forward-thinking mindset essential for success in these interconnected and ever-changing fields.

3 microcredential ETCS credits will be offered upon successful participation + assignment completion.

View course outline and register

The course is free of charge. Travel and accommodation will be refunded with a maximum of €1,000 for the first registrants, after successful course completion, and upon presentation of proofs of expenses.

To be eligible to participate in the Training School, applicants must preferably meet one of the following two criteria:

– You are an undergraduate student

– You are either a university dropout or an adult residing in isolated rural, island, or borderline areas. You have not been able to pursue undergraduate studies, or you are interested in expanding your knowledge in this specific field.

A maximum number of participants applies. You will be informed of your final selection in the weeks after your application.

The course consists of 6 modules

  • Sustainability, Resilience and Equity
  • Big Data Analytics and Blockchain
  • Enabling climate neutral, clean, smart, and competitive waterborne transport
  • Safe and resilient transport and smart mobility services for passengers and goods
  • Collaboration Strategies between Stakeholders in the Transport and Logistics Industry-Data Sharing
  • Port 5.0 

Preceding the Chios week, participants will need to go through a set of online course materials. Subsequent to the course week, participants will need to conduct an assignment.

The course is supported by the European Erasmus+ program.

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