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Faraclas live on Vergina TV on current affairs

by admin

John Faraclas once again appeared today in part 3 on Vergina TV with Rt General (HAF) Lazaros Kabouridis, journalist George Vlachos on current affairs moderated by Stergios Kalogiros, which included:

  • The local elections in the UK and the third term of Sadiq Khan, an undisputable record in winning London yet again!
  • The Muslim factor of the elections
  • The Commonwealth factor
  • Whether there will be even a snap election in the UK following the loss of the Conservative party which …gained the third position even behind the Liberal Democrats
  • The Terrorism in Europe and worldwide including the mess in the Middle East with the Hamas terrorists and Israel, the Saudi Arabian issue in all fronts
  • The role of the Greeks and their supremacy in shipping all over Planet Ocean
  • The German factor in shipping with the collapse of the KG companies and the late Wolfgang Schäuble’s dream to create and copy the Greeks…
  • The Cyprus issue
  • The capability pf the Greece in the Defense Industry with say the Artemis anti-aircraft equipment.. including the ontaction of first class MEKO frigates better than the German-built ones in Greece’s Hellenic Shipyards…
  • The Greek Unions issues…
  • The latest London Chios and Lesvos Festival presentations at the Hellenic Centre

Viewers can watch the live video herebelow:

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