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STCW-F to enter into force in 2012

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We would like to advise Members that the International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for fishing vessel personnel, 1995 (STCW-F 1995) is set to enter into force on 29th September 2012, after the required 15 ratifications were reached on 29th September 2011, with ratification by the Republic of Palau.

The STCW-F Convention sets the certification and minimum training requirements for crews of seagoing fishing vessels of 24 metres in length and above. The Convention consists of 15 Articles and an annex containing technical regulations. Desiring to further promote safety of life and property at sea and the protection of the marine environment by establishing a common agreement, international standards of training, certification and watchkeeping for personnel employed on board fishing vessels, parties to the Convention have agreed on the following Articles as well as adopting resolutions for training requirements, as follows:

  • Article 1 : General regulations
  • Article 2 : Definitions
  • Article 3 : Application
  • Article 4 : Communication of information
  • Article 5 : Other treaties and interpretation
  • Article 6 : Certification
  • Article 7 : National provisions
  • Article 8 : Control
  • Article 9 : Promotion of technical operation
  • Article 10 : Amendments
  • Article 11 : Signature, ratification, acceptance, approval and accession
  • Article 12 : Entry into force
  • Article 13 : Denunciation
  • Article 14 : Depositary
  • Article 15 : Languages

We would advise all Members operating applicable fishing vessels to ensure they are fully apprised of the contents of this publication prior to it entering into force. Source of information: http://www.npfvoa.org/ and http://www.imo.org

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stacey miller April 1, 2012 - 5:22 PM

Can you please tell me if thi means all countrys eg New Zealand will have to follow !! : ) i truely hope so…thanks


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