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Let’s do it Greece 2013

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Let's do it greece(sand)Our country is participating for the second consecutive time in the world cleanup campaign

– Let’s do it Greece 2013 –

Let’s Clean up Greece in one day!

On Sunday, April 14, 2013

«Let’s Do It World», as a nonprofit movement first evolved in 2008 in Estonia and then spread internationally. Today it is the largest and fastest growing volunteer cleanup and environmental campaign internationally, with the participation of 96 countries and 7 million volunteers (http://www.letsdoitworld.org). People from every part of the globe participate in the campaign by cleaning, in one particular day, their cities, their neighborhoods, parks, forests, beaches, conveying a message of change and protection of the natural and urban environment.

We support this international campaign in Greece having set date of “Let’s Do It Greece 2013” on Sunday, April 14, 2013. Last year, 20, 000 volunteers participated individually or together with 450 organizations and NGOs, including ARKTOUROS, HELMERA, ECOCITY, MEDASSET, YDRONAFTES e.t.c. on urban, coastal, forest and even underwater cleanups.

We continue our vigorous effort to promote the campaign in every corner of the country by motivating as many people and organizations as possible. We already started, targeting on a great participation. Newspapers, magazines, T.V. stations and online media are already joining forces on this purpose.

We look forward to having you with us at «Let’s Do It GREECE” to dynamically sustain the spirit of self-organizing with transparency in pro bono volunteer actions (since our slogan is ZERO BUDGET, ZERO PRINT)!   Last year, despite our very low budget (we accepted the kind sponsorship of TITAN for the needed sum of 2, 500 Euros) through pure volunteer work, we achieved to motivate thousands of people (newcomers or from the forces of environmental organizations) for one day. This year we’re accepting mainly contributions in kind, according to specific needs, e.g. tickets, mobile phone cards, hats, t-shirts, etc. These are contributions that could be offered additionally to personal or group participation to our cause of action.

You can easily register at the official website of the campaign www.letsdoitgreece.org and join our initiative.

Yanna Pavlopoulou and Danae Maltezou

Yanna Pavlopoulou and Danae Maltezou

Our main purpose is to launch in Greece, the effective result of cooperation if voluntary organizations, associations, schools, municipalities and business join forces on a clean up across the country for just one day!

The Greek campaign is led by Dr. K. Aravossis, NTUA Professor, as chairman of the scientific liaison body HSWA (Greek Association on Solid Waste Management) together with the youth volunteer society TIME FOR ACTION. The Main Organizing Committee coordinates the development and progress of the campaign and is responsible for:

1) the dissemination of ”Let’s Do It” message through social media and online communication

2) the close cooperation with the “Let’s Do It World” in the promotion of relevant actions,

3) the design and development of the Strategic Plan of partnerships and activities and 4) the establishment of “Let’s Do It Greece” as a permanent e-point on waste management and in self-organization of local community and group cleanup activities.


 To create a strong network of active citizens for the continuous exchange of views and ideas

 Build partnerships among environmental organizations, the educational community voluntary groups, municipalities and Regional authorities in all the Greek territory

 Prepare a comprehensive ‘waste-mapping’ system

 Forward the message of integrated waste management (Reduce-Reuse-Recycle) with  alternative management methods

 Promote waste management best practices with creativity and originality

Our efforts have already the support of the Ministry of Environment (Department on Protected Areas, National Parks, and Marine Parks) of the Prefecture of Attica (that will mobilize all municipalities of Attica), the Ministry of Education (that will diffuse our message to all schools nationwide through the Center for Environmental Education), the General Secretariat of Youth (informing all local youth councils across Greece and all associated youth entities). We have the media support of ERT with daily radio spots daily, while we continually attract new media sponsors.

Every day the site http://www.letsdoitgreece.org/ is enriched with new material and new entries. Our vision is to showcase the value of the authentic spontaneous volunteerism at individual, group or company level, as the positive and creative side of Greece!

Let’s Do It!!  Let’s Clean up Greece!!!

Together we can do it!

 CommonLawgic (www.commonlawgic.org) participates in the Main Organizing Committee and on its behalf we invite you to participate in this pioneering effort for Greece!

On behalf of the Organizing Committee of http://www.letsdoitgreece.org/

Yanna Pavlopoulou
Lawyer, PhD cand.(NTUA) LL.M. (Georgetown) MSc (LJMU/Shipping)
Qualified CSR Practitioner  & Sustainability Report Expert
Founding Chief Executive of  CommonLawgic

ypav@commonlawgic.org / www.commonlawgic.org          

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