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Silhouettes by Nariman Fadakar

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Nariman Fadakar with Demetra Papachristou

Nariman Fadakar with Demetra Papachristou


Over 250 arts/fashion faithful defying the afternoon heat wave attended the private view for the Wearable Art exhibition where contemporary artist Nariman Fadakar presented his collection of paintings in the form of graphic art. A special technotropy with promising colours too; dresses, scarves and accessories where nicely displayed attracting the  guests interest. John Faraclas was there with his camera… 

Demetra Papachristou with former Lloyd's List journalist Nigel Gray

Demetra Papachristou with former Lloyd’s List journalist Nigel Gray

The Muse Gallery at London’s Portobello was bursting to its seams with the faithful eager to see Fadakar’s daring, vibrant and elegant pieces of desire, as well as witness Demetra Papachristou’s sale and organisational skills! The exhibition is in conjunction with St. John’s Hospice and donations are possible on the site and donation cards are available in the gallery. Viewers can log on the newly launched website: www.wearableartlondon.com and proceed with their donation as well as view the paintings and bet to buy.

Wearaable art 6 and 7 JULY 2013 013I am sure that other european and world capitals will be more than interested to view these new technic masterpieces, excellent!

Please see our previous announcement dd 20 June 2013:


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