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Like A Bargain Book? Check Out Fathom’s Summer Special Deals

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This summer Fathom is launching special package deals across all of our publications

The Operating In Emission Control Areas Package

2 x Guides

1 x Onboard Manual

SAVE £100

For a limited time only, purchase the ultimateEmission Control Areas Package and receive £100 discount. This package includes:

*Operating in Emission Control Areas: The Guide,

* Operating in Emission Control Areas: The Manual; and

* Marine Scrubbers: The Guide.

Want To Know More About What Each Publication In This Package Can offer?

Operating In Emission Control Areas: The Guide 

2015 Edition

For shore-based decision makers and personnel. The comprehensive Guide provides insight and guidance to:· Emission Control Areas rules and regulations.
· Options for compliance.
· Ensuring smooth operations over time.
· Considerations when switching to low sulphur fuels and distillates.
· The practicalities & technical considerations of fuel switching.

Operating in Emission Control Areas: The Manual

2015 Edition

The durable, hard-cover on-board Manual gives crews the tools they need to ensure compliance, including:

· All ECA area co-ordinates.
· Fuel oil changeover procedures.
· Considerations when switching to low sulphur fuels.
· Taking the MARPOL sample.


 Marine Scrubbers: The Guide

2015 Edition

The Comprehensive Resource for Marine SOx ScrubbersA publication that supports ship owners and operators in making investment decisions for marine scrubber systems.The Guide outlines the regulatory requirements related to sulphur oxides (SOx) emissions and scrubbing technologies. It analyses the different types of SOx scrubbers and their  life cycle cost analysis. It also guides ship owners and operators through the practical considerations of implementing these technologies.
The Guide includes:
· How to implement scrubbers in your operations.
· Current technology uptake analysis.
· Life cycle cost analysis.
· Financing options.
· Critical analysis of each scrubber solution and provider.
The Operating In Emission Control Areas Package is published by Fathom Maritime Intelligence
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