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WP_20150819_002Indeed, “Greeks”, the book! Greeks, “the Lighthouse of Civilization throughout the ages”; what a shipping title this subtitle stands for, and why not for a sea-wise nation! The Lighthouse, the beacon leading you to the sail of infinity!

In these turbulent times we live in, with the world economy in tatters, this book comes at no better  time given the accusations on Greeks and their current financial status, a product of Greece’s enemies from within and in the “outset”!

The whole book is, according to its author, based on a simple question paused by his daughter Sophia, then an eight year old primary school girl: “Why in her books, the most meaningful and precious words, like democracy, arithmetic, physics, mathematics, philosopher, diabetes, paediatrician etc., where always Greek words?”

The above made Damian M. Danopoulos, an M.D and author of this book, think that several important cities in the United States also had pure Greek names, like Philadelphia, Annapolis, Indianapolis, Phoenix, Triadelphia, Xenia plus numerous other small towns…

A great book recommended for all the people around Planet Ocean.  If Machiavelli’s The Prince is the Bible of Realpolitik, The Greeks is the Bible of Life’s Civilization; just compare! For those seeking an adventure to the Unknown Known, then this is The Book, The Greeks!

*Damian M. Danopoulos an MD, was born in Constantinople (Istanbul) in 1927. After a long career in Cardiology he left for the USA bearing with him over a hundred scientific publications.

This book was printed and published by Eptalofos Publishing Company in Athens, 2004 and was given as our August companion by our friend Alekos Papadopoulos.

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