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Chios Marine Club’s Summer BBQ…

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A view of Magemena Beach

A view of Magemena Beach


Nearly one hundred members and friends of the Chios Marine Club participated in the Traditional Summer BBQ Beach Party in Chios, Greece. This time the venue was one of the most unique beaches on earth: the Magemena  (Magic Waters beach) on the North West of the Island of the Winds, just of the small town of Volissos. Anny Zade writes:

The president Costas Vassiliades and his governing body, headed by the secretariat’s events department entertained us to the full.

Excellent drinks, including including the famous Mastihito and dips with local products and the world acclaimed Chiot recipes enhanced the mind before the faithful lot – from all over Planet Ocean, started the traditional dances!Chios 1617 AUG 2016 2988

The idyllic scenery also contributed; it was as you can see from the picture – one of the best ever witnessed in the central eastern Aegean Sea, Greece’s and the World’s cradle of Seamanship and Civilization.

We were fortunate to have a quick live interview with the president of CMC Costas Vassiliades; log on herebelow to listen what he had to say to allaboutshipping’s John Faraclas:

Traditional Chian dancing

Traditional Chian dancing












*The Chios Marine Club was launched in 1999. You can log on at www.chiosmarineclub.gr and see what CMC is all about.

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