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New direct-drive PM shaft generator solution order for Rederiet Stenersen’s chemical tankers

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17500 dwt chemical tanker owned by Rederiet stenersen AS

17500 dwt chemical tanker owned by Rederiet stenersen AS

Finland, September 2, 2016: WE Tech Solutions (WE Tech), a leading energy efficiency solution provider, has received an order to deliver its direct-drive permanent magnet (PM) shaft generator solution to a series of two 17500 DWT IMO class II chemical tankers. The order also includes the option for two more. The Switch, a technology specialist of megawatt-class PM machines for advanced marine drive trains, will deliver the PM shaft generators to be used in the solutions provided by WE Tech. The tankers will be built by the Chinese shipyard Taizhou Kouan Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. for Bergen-based Norwegian shipowner Rederiet Stenersen AS.

The direct-drive PM shaft generator solution from WE Tech provides the vessel’s electrical network with up to 1500 kW electrical power in Power Take Out (PTO) mode. “WE Drive™ provides the advantage of being able to run our two-stoke main engine at variable speed, resulting in significant fuel savings compared with fixed speed,” says John Stenersen, Director Ship Management, at Rederiet Stenersen AS. “The operating hours of the auxiliary generators are dramatically reduced, thanks to the use of the We Drive™. We don’t need to run the auxiliary engines when using variable speed for the main engine.”

In Power Take In (PTI) mode, WE Drive™ is used as an auxiliary propulsion drive when the main engine is out of operation. It converts auxiliary generator power to propulsion power by employing the PM shaft generator as an electrical motor. John Sternersen continues: “There is lower mechanical loss from the main engine to the propeller when using the direct-drive PM shaft generator instead of a standard tunnel gear solution. This results in a decreased power requirement from the main engine and lower fuel consumption.” Thanks to the modular design of the WE Drive™, the solution has been extended to include shore connectivity and will utilize the common DC-link for energy-efficient DC power distribution in the bow thruster.

“We are excited to be selected as a solution provider for Rederiet Stenersens newbuild projects. With our proven drive technology and permanent magnet shaft generator solution, we take our customers’ vessels to the next level in terms of best energy efficiency and lowest fuel consumption. That’s what makes us a leading solution provider and change-maker in the market,” says Martin Andtfolk, Sales Manager of WE Tech.

The delivery from WE Tech to the first vessel is scheduled in quarter two of 2017. WE Tech creates savings for the shipping industry by delivering energy efficient solutions to vessels around the world. 

A high-res version of the picture is available on request for print application. Caption: A 17,500 dwt chemical tanker owned by Rederiet Stenersen AS of Bergen, Norway.         

About Rederiet Stenersen

Founded in 1974 in Bergen, Norway, Rederiet Stenersen AS today operates a fleet of 16 chemical/product tankers, ranging from 13,000 to 19,000 dwt. All vessels are deployed in North West European Trade region and equipped with the highest standard solutions to meet customers’ requirements and the harsh Northern European maritime conditions. The company additionally has plans for 2+2 17,500 dwt oil/chemical tanker newbuilds with an estimated delivery time of 2018.


About WE Tech

WE Tech Solutions is a leading energy efficiency solution provider with a global presence in the marine industry. The company specializes in supplying solutions based on variable frequency drives and permanent magnet machine technologies. Its portfolio of solutions provides many benefits for newbuilds and existing ship upgrades worldwide, including increasing energy efficiency, reducing fuel consumptions and lowering environmentally harmful emissions. The company is headquartered in Vaasa, Finland.


About The Switch

The Switch, a Yaskawa company, is a pioneer in advanced drive train technology. The company has an installed base of over 11 GW of megawatt-class permanent magnet machine and converter packages. The main focus areas are wind, marine and special industrial solutions. The company’s innovative drive trains make an impact on profitable power generation and energy use, with the ultimate goal of lowering the cost of energy and operations. The Switch is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland.


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