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ITF congratulates Colombian union on CBA

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Transport workers and their families demonstrated in October

Transport workers and their families demonstrated in October

ITF union the SNTT (Sindicato Nacional de Trabajadores de Rama, Servicios de la Industria del Transporte y Logística de Colombia) has negotiated the first collective bargaining agreement (CBA) with major transport company Transcaribe in Cartagena, as part of an ongoing project in Colombia supported by the ITF.

24/11/2016 – Transport workers – supported by SNTT dock workers – staged a peaceful public demonstration in October to denounce the company’s ‘dishonest recruitment process’. Transcaribe had promised economic benefits to compensate wages cuts for those who had worked for other, smaller transport systems.

The demonstration resulted in a meeting between SNTT and Transcaribe representatives to negotiate in good faith a CBA, to include labour rights such as union recognition and a wage rise.

This CBA is the 22nd achieved by the SNTT as part of the ITF project, which involves the FNV, SASK and 3F unions and aims to organise workers employed by the numerous transport companies in Colombia and negotiate fair collective agreements. The CBAs cover more than 4,700 workers, with the numbers growing daily.

SNTT president Esteban Barboza commented: “The SNTT is faithful to its mission and vision, and will continue to be committed to improving working conditions for all Colombian transport workers through collective agreements.

“We will continue to increase our organization with direct campaigns to organise all transport workers, in all transport sections. Freedom of association is one of the objectives of the peace agreement we are fighting for in Colombia so that we leave a legacy of peace to our children and future generations.”

ITF Americas regional secretary Antonio Rodríguez Fritz congratulated the SNTT on its successes in what is considered to be the most dangerous country in the world for trade unionism. He praised the support of the port workers, adding that this exemplified ITF family solidarity. He pledged the ITF would continue to support Colombian and regional transport workers in their fight for human and labour rights.

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