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GAC adds centralised cargo declaration service to aid vessel owners with EU paperwork

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GAC 13122016New value added service to guide clients through Brexit

Grangemouth, United Kingdom, 13 December 2016 – GAC has introduced a new centralised service to help ship owners navigate the paperwork required for the import of cargoes to European Union (EU) ports from outside the Union.

Operators of vessels carrying such cargoes must declare cargo information to the customs authorities in advance of the vessel’s arrival. GAC is now helping ease that administrative burden with a dedicated team of fiscal experts formed to offer clients information and guidance on the process, and to handle customs paperwork on their behalf.

This new value added service allows operators to delegate Entry Summary Declarations for all EU member states where their vessels call to GAC, regardless of whether or not it is the nominated agent handling the port call. Customers can take advantage of this service either as a stand-alone solution or as part of a package through the GAC’s Global Hub Services.

Wynne Raymond, GAC UK’s Tanker Manager, says: “Recent events including the Brexit vote in the UK have highlighted the need for expertise to help clients navigate the paperwork when dealing with the EU. By drawing on the GAC global network and regional specialist expertise, we are offering customers the option to channel their EU Cargo Declaration matters through a single point of contact, simplifying the process and giving peace of mind that there will be no delays due to customs requirements.

“As an added advantage, economies of scale mean that we are able to offer this valuable service at a very competitive fee.”

The new service is administered by the Fiscal Expertise team in the UK. For more, email ens.eu@gac.com or call Lee Round on +44 (0)1642 637522.

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