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John N. Faraclas

The BDI (Baltic Dry Index) ended up earlier on today with 26 points plus at 929, but somebody will soon pay the damage as, except the volatile Capers who gained over 100 points all other Dry Indices where down or with extremely low “gains”. Geopoliticaly more mess is coming as more dangers loom in the background with respect Peace, Safety and Security. John Faraclas brief recap:

The Capers gained 104 points and now the BCI 2014 reads 1,170 points… Wonder if it can retain this upwards momentum…

The Panamaxes lost one points and the BPI now stands at 1,150 points; caution!

The Supras clinched four points and the BSI now stands at 761 points.

The Handies gained just one point; the BHSI@549 looks healthy in comparison with the other dry indices and might continue…

The Wets once again with mixed feelings; the last published BDTI (Dirties) and BCTI (Cleans) stoo at 671 – minus ten, and 570 – plus six points respectively.

The WTI as close to US$ 44 is interesting how it makes waves… for the benefit of the poor; tomorrow though it is another day!

The Geopolitcs continue to be simply dodgy and great caution should be observed. The tensions are too many all over Planet Ocean and wonder how many simultaneous “explosions” might take place… We have created a very dangerous environment which is very difficult to live in. The cyber attacks are despicable and wonder if Maersk will be able to find out who did it; it is a must we all know so we need to name and shame the culprits!

On another note an excellent and unique conference took place in Athens’ Divani Caravel Hotel in the heart of the city of Athens, Greece on “Development – investing in rail transport”.  This two day-exceptional forum organised by Investment in Energy and k.provoli was more than interesting as the 90 centum of the day was covering issues for Ports development and the importance of rail there. Congrats to all and in particular to journalist Ada Seimanidi and her team for keeping with the momentum and ensuring the train wasn’t derailed…

Four sessions; the first one was on: “The next step in the combined transport platoon”, the second one on “The fourth financial package covering many forthcoming changes as well as investing in local services”. The third session was “Rail Development; completion of works and projects as well as the forthcoming projects”.

All sectors of the respective industries was duly represented particularly the Ports with the strong presence of the Port Authorities by its Managers and CEO’s. Very impressive deliveries of speeches – some with excellent slides.

There were quite a few challenging moments between speakers and a very tough audience with plenty of dodgy but very realistic / pragmatic questions and statements.

It is a must to refer that the first day’s programme exceeded its time schedule for two hours and the 90 centum of the delegates remained until the very end! All in all 340 delegates attended; a very successful event. Pleased to see many of the speakers and delegates “emanated2 from the UK Academia and some of them were young ones in comparison with similar forums during the last decade.

It goes without saying that the entire sector needs a complete streamlining process if we really want to see Greece getting advantage given its unique position in the Eastern med region. Petty party politics do not have a place here and eventually not a leg to stands. The damage inflicted to the entire Greek Rail System is despicable!

We were honoured to be interviewed live by www.maritimes.gr Markos Kantzios one of the media sponsors of the forum specialised in shipping; see at the end both live videos.

We also had the chance to express our views in asking questions and insisting on some issues… Good to meet a great number of interesting people there.

We will revert with a more extended report soon.

That’s all for tonight and remain on guard from any eventuality deriving from Pirates and terrorist wherever you are on Planet Ocean!

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