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CTG and GSA lead Ballast Water Compliance Training Workshop with Saudi Aramco

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All attendees certified to use CTG’s FastBallast water analyser to ensure compliance with ballast water standards throughout Saudi Aramco ports

15 December 2017 – Chelsea Technologies Group (CTG) and Global Strategic Alliance Saudi Arabia (GSA), Chelsea’s exclusive agent and distributor agent in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), have provided in-depth training to Saudi Aramco inspectors to ensure ships visiting Saudi ports are compliant with ballast water discharge regulations.

Since 16 August 2017 all ships calling at Saudi ports and terminals have been required to provide ballast water samples, in order to demonstrate compliance with the IMO Ballast Water Management Convention. CTG’s FastBallast portable ballast water analyser was chosen by Saudi Aramco to be deployed as a benchmark testing device to conduct spot checks on indicative sampling undertaken by third-party sampling companies. FastBallast was selected following a detailed technical review conducted by Saudi Aramco’s in-house marine biology experts, who identified FastBallast as the most accurate solution in the market for the indicative sampling of ballast water.

Upon the invite of GSA, Dr Toby Boatman (Senior Scientist at CTG) ran a week-long FastBallast training workshop for GSA Ballast Water Technicians at its Rastanura Base. An additional workshop was held in Dammam, with full attendance from Saudi Aramco’s technical, engineering and scientific staff. The day began with presentations by Dr. Ronald Loughland (Saudi Aramco), Mr. Adnan Bahamdein (GSA) and Dr. Toby Boatman, and concluded with a FastBallast demonstration and training workshop. All attendees have now been certified to use FastBallast.

Dr Brian Phillips, Managing Director of Chelsea Technologies, commented:

“Accurate monitoring is critical to the success of ballast water compliance. There is widespread concern that some ballast water treatment systems are not being operated correctly. CTG’s FastBallast water analyser is easy to operate yet produces the most accurate ballast water monitoring data. This provides Saudi Aramco with the confidence to regulate ballast water compliance throughout Saudi ports and protect the sensitive marine environment.”

Saudi Aramco ports and terminals are one of the highest receivers of ballast water from ships, with over 180 million tons of ballast water discharged during cargo operations every year.

CTG and GSA also provided consultancy and guidance to Saudi Aramco’s in-house experts on the testing and sampling standards and processes to ensure compliance with IMO standards.  In addition, GSA is working closely with the Saudi Arabia authorities to utilise FastBallast as the national benchmark for indicative ballast water sampling.

GSA is also working closely with CTG to make its FastBallast onboard indicative ballast sampling devices available to ship owners and operators throughout Saudi Arabia and other GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) countries.

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