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Merkel setback hurts EMU reform chances, Future of the euro area

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Angela Merkel

Commentary: Merkel setback hurts EMU reform odds

By David Marsh in Bali

The stunning setback for Germany’s coalition parties in Sunday’s Bavarian state elections will toughen Chancellor Angela Merkel’s already difficult task of winning consensus for reforming and strengthening the structure of European economic and monetary union. The Bavarian debacle will narrow further Merkel’s room for policy manoeuvre both over budgetary squabbles with Italy and over the wider issue of strengthening the euro area’s institutional architecture to help withstand the next financial crisis.

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Meeting: Future of the euro area – Strengthening European monetary union, implementing reforms and scenario planning


Thursday 1 November, Berlin, 07:30 CET

This symposium examines the necessary institutional reinforcement of Europe’s economic and monetary union in the light of political changes in France and Germany over the past 12 months and explores the processes and timescales under which such reforms could take place.

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