Home MarketsChartering The BDI@1,296; “thanks” once again to the Capes… but: Caution should be observed!

The BDI@1,296; “thanks” once again to the Capes… but: Caution should be observed!

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John Faraclas

The BDI (Baltic Dry Index) gained 59 points earlier on today as the questionable Capes’ BCI clinched another three-digit points and now stand at 1,925 which is 186 plus since yesterday… and soon might be over and above the 2,000 threshold! John Faraclas’ daily brief:

The Panamaxes’ BPI was down two points at 1,472 proving how bad in reality the market is. It is just a Capes’ market; end of the story

A point plus for the Supras’ BSI now at 950…

No change for the Handies with the BHSI stuck at 625 points… wonder what’s next with the Capes and the Dry Market; one thing is though to stress: one size doesn’t constitute a market!

The Wets did well; the last published BDTI (Dirties) and BCTI (Cleans) stood at 1,146 – plus 17 and 861 – plus 21 points respectively! Something in the air is promising; we shall see!

The WTI was slightly down at US$ 52.96… We foresee surprises…

Geopolitics still the same; the MIGRANTS and all other issues you read over the last two years in this medium are getting far worse than you ever imagine. The oil business very enigmatic as president Trump wishes to see low prices; but can this be done? In France the tax on fuel has been abandond. We all keep and eye on France as you never ever know what my happen…!!

BREXIT too covers the 25 percent on all discussions… Crucial days ahead…

And it was good bye for the late US president George Bush. A very touching good bye from all! Indeed he was a great man, despite serving one term only!

Charo Coll of Boluda, president of ISU – International Salvage Union during the opening address

The Salvage & Wreck Removal Conference begun today at the Hilton Tower bridge Hotel and all in all was a great success  to all intents and purposes. Knenct365, put up a great programme covering all aspects of this specialist field in shipping, heavy-weight speakers and exceptional speakers. A full house with over 200 delegates from all five continents; a success! Above all the chairman, Andrew Chamberlain from HFW directed the event like a maestro keeping the time in order; excellent.

Charo Coll, the president of ISU (International Salvage Union) delivered a very comprehensive and optimistic speech covering ISU’s Annual Review recognising also   that the traditional model cannot sustain the salvage industry; she was warmly applauded. Good slides too!

The very eloquent David Osler, Lloyd’s List industrial editor did more than well for the Lloyd’s List interview with Roger Evans – ISU and Lars Lange – IUMI!

A strong presence by the Antipollution Sapri Veolia at their stand

There was also a small exhibition at the foyer with stands from Antipollution, Sapri Veolia, HFW, LOC, Brooks Bell group, the Waves Group, Miko Marine and others.

An awards ceremony too  – the Salvage Oscars as Chairman Andrew Chamberlain called them, with Jeremy Piskal , Fulko Roos and Arden taking home the trophies!

More than 25 questions, all very unique and to the point from …all sides of the house…

And a strong message from Nicola Pryce Roberts: Education, education, education  ! Her statement was superb!

From the Accidents & Emergencies summit; Captain Paul Whyte for LOC delivering his excellent slides paper

One of the best ever networking events – at coffee and tea breaks, buffet lunch and at the evening reception!

Good to see also a very strong international Greek team from both sides of the Atlantic – and in the Far East too, with Oinoussian Elias Psyllos from T&T Salvage in Houston, the ever present delegate, speaker and moderator George A Tsavliris  – George Tsavliris with his many business hats, Byron Vassiliades from  Antipollution and his team with Sarpi Veolia, representatives from the PPA / COSCO in Piraeus and many others!

The Salvage & Wreck Awards winners

We were more than pleased to see supporters of www.allaboutshipping.co.uk amongst them Antipollution, Tsavliris, and HFW taking part and also supporting and sponsoring the event!

All informa KNect365 Maritime team more than helpful!

In parallel to this event, Maritime Accidents and Emergencies Summit was taking place on the first floor with an interesting agenda too and speakers with very detailed slides!

We will revert with a full write up over the weekend.


Kira Phoenix K’inan, Kostas Pappadakis -host DNV GL and Hammad Khawaja from MOL

DNV GL hosted its Annual Christmas drinks event at The Horniman At Hays – Hays Galleria on the south bank of Father Thames.

A very jovial mood with excellent food and drinks at the upper mezzanine floor and our host Kostas Pappadakis and his team on a great day.

Will revert with more gossip etc form this event, the first solo Christmas do of the year!

Smiling faces on a l to r: Lydia Dorai from AP&A group, Eleftheria Magiafi and Maria Davari from DNV GL

Have a nice evening and remain on guard from actions emanating from Pirates, Terrorists, Criminals and Business Hooligans whatsoever wherever you are on Planet Ocean!

P.S.: on another note and tone I was very pleased that my life was aired again on TV, this time a repeat ATTICA TV with SBC. Thank you all for the honour as it also a collective part with allaboutshipping.co.uk. Thank you Costas Mardas and all there for the honour


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