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AllAboutShipping’s Top 25 Conferences for 2018

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AllAboutShipping’s  Top 25 Conferences, Forums, Debates et al for 2018 was a tough, possibly the toughest process from all  our surveys given not only the distance to travel to the one or to the other end on Planet Ocean but imperatively the attendance issue. You just can’t go for a day or for a session; a must to be from the  very beginning – normally the pre-conference reception until the good bye drinks and dips so you have a full view/picture – you network, you “add” more questions !!! With too many regulations and deadlines on many issues in an ever changing world, except their importance, they serve as a “tool” / “platform” for Maritime Education and Training to all intents and purposes.

Many Congratulations to all the organisers, moderators, speakers, delegates and venue owners and also to all those in choosing the themes and relevant subjects. We also take the opportunity to:

a) Urge politicians to devote time to attend and  be able to stay until the end or the minimum: remain after their presentation to response at the Q&A time!!!!

b) To ask the organisers to use the traditional way for questions and not the electronic way / application on the electronic screen / board with whatever this entails for security/privacy  and “justice” / impartially reasons! It is not nice to spend all the time to listen to the speakers and not have the time, sometimes for not even ONE question…

c) When asking a Question do please state  c l e a r l y  and  l o u d l y  your Name, Company ; don’t be “shy”… you dead well know what we mean…!!!  and

d) The organisers must ensure that there isn’t another major event even on a worldwide basis so prospective delegates and speakers can attend!

Here you go:

1.IBIA Annual Convention November 2018 Copenhagen, Denmark

2.WISTA International and WISTA Norway – October  2018  Tromsø, Norway

3.TradeWinds Shipowners Posidonia 2018 Forum

4.Propeller Club Port of Piraeus December 2018 at YCG the 7th  Operating Costs presentation

5.Capital Link’s Greek Day at NYSE 2018

6.Hydra Shipping Conference –  Romanticism in Shipping – September 2018 at the Island of Hydra, Greece

8.Yes to Shipping Posidonia Conference 2018

9.Lloyd’s List Posidonia Forum 2018

10.Mare Forum 2018 Athens Hilton


11.Marine Money London Shipfinance Forum January 2018

12.LSLC Current issues on Charter Parties 2018

13.World Travel Market Conference 2018 London

14.Salvage & Wreck December 2018 by informa KNect365 – London

15.IMO Awards ceremony – December 2018 – The 2017 Maritime Prize and IMO Award for Exceptional Bravery

16.LSLC May 2018 Known Knowns, Known Unknowns, Unknown unknowns  May 2018 at Stephenson Harwood Auditorium

17.Hellenic Management Centre / Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers – 14th Annual Forum, December 2018 at the  Evgenidion Foundation Athens, Greece

18.IUMI annual conference in Cape Town, South Africa

19.Capital Link’s Posidonia 2018 Forum Athens

20.ABS Technical Committee Meeting 2018

21.1st Navigators the Shipping Decision Makers Chios September 2018

22.Bureau Veritas Technical Committee Meeting November 2018

23.IMIF Developments in capital markets for  shipping  – London April 2018 and Malta Maritime Summit October 2018 (equal on all counts)

24.Hellenic Medical Society The Papanikolaou Prize November 2018 at the Hellenic Centre

25.The Onassis Prizes Awards 2018

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Stavroula Gavridi February 24, 2019 - 10:26 AM

Congratulations! Many thanks for your hard work, which offers to everyone a good insight into the conferences that take place within the industry.


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