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The BDI@1,082; Supras “spoil” the broth…

John Faraclas

The BDI (Baltic Dry Index) ended up 16 points earlier on today following the long weekend due to the spring Holiday as well as due to end of the European Union’s election process. Now if we have so far stressed the perplexed and enigmatic geopolitics affecting not only the markets but our lives, do take cover from what is next to come. And remember: news is what they DON’T tell us. John Faraclas’ brief daily recap:

The Capes’ BCI was up 40 points and now stands at 1,585…

A good double-digit plus for the Panamaxes’ BCI now at 1,322 points – up 18!

Hiccups for the Supras’ BSI now at 771 – minus seven and spoiling the upwards dry rally of all indices…

A valuable one point plus for the Handies’ BHSI now at 394 !

The Wets with mixed feeling and minor ups/downs; the  last published BDTI (Dirties) and BCTI (Cleans) stood at 665 – minus one and 527 – plus three points respectively.

The WTI ended up at US$ 59.14 – just ten cents up!!! CAUTION.

Containerships and all box-trades still trying to get its act together…

In the Geopolitical front the Migrants still the number one issues.

The Geopolitical uncertainty due to the continuation of instability and wars particularly in the faulty line from Gib to Afghanistan and from the Caucuses to the Horn of Africa is a risk difficult to cover for and from. Same was well portrayed at the Posidonia Sea Tourism Forum earlier on today at Domotel’s auditorium in Athens!

The Med is still a region that peace must be “established” one way or another as it greatly affects three continents! North Africa with Libya and others in a mess; the Balkans; East Med; the entire Middles East and the Black Sea…

The Iranian confrontation with the USA must be contained… or we risk a major spill-over no matter who wins.

Turkey’s bankruptcy and provocation for all Turkey’s neighbours must be contained as otherwise the …Fourth World War will take place…

Greece is now about to change but a lot has to be done. The current regime at the end of the Election night on Sunday the 26th of May, in panic announced the snap election we were telling you IN WRITING for so long; thank the 12 Gods they respect the students due to the exams period in June, so look out for the 7th of July what happens… Arrogance had its day… In 2019 you expect the results to be quicker and NOT so much delayed… meantime some of our family and friends as well as supporters managed to be elected, others didn’t but it was for us and them a great experience. We need shipping people, at least a double figure percentage in Europe as MEPs as well as in the Local Authorities, needless to say in the Greek parliament…

The European Union look totally different following the European Elections; what a result that was for almost all 28 nations… And what about the election of the next European Union Commission president… A Franco-German clash…?

BREXIT and the turmoil on the new Conservative party leader. What will happen if there is no-deal BREXIT even with a new Tory leader or even with Mr. Corbyn at no.10, eh???

Caution in the South China Sea… as an accident is about to take place..

AND what do you make on Huawei and the US – Chinese telecoms “war”, eh!

Finally, let’s see  how and if the Venezuela will be defused back in Oslo – rounds two…

George D. Pateras, president of the Hellenic Chamber of Shipping delivering his keynote speech

 On another tone and note the two-day 5th Posidonia Sea Tourism Forum begun early this morning in north Athens’ Domotel auditorium. A great event with very interesting presentations in all four panels. Best presenters so far (except for number four panel which we missed) were Theodora Riga from PPA and Tom Boardley, CLIA Europe’s secretary general! We did, as usual, our best on Q&A time… A very much international event with speakers from all over Planet Ocean. Excellent!

A relevant exhibition with just over 35 stands was worth visiting; pleased to see some of www.allaboutshipping.co.uk ’s supporters and friends there!

DNV GL’s Stefanos Tsiopanas delivering his paper

Had to cut sort and missed the last panel as in Piraeus the DNV GL had an excellent workshop  with interesting slides presentations at its auditorium on Tankers Update; sessions and subjects included:

Tanker Market Outlook; DNV GL Class notations for Tankers; Energy Transition Outlook; Sharing Operational Experience, and Vetting questions as well as PSC issues were well presented and analysed.

Speakers included, Catrine VESTERENG, Business Director Tankers – DNV GL; George TERIAKIDIS, Regional Business Development Manager – DNV GL; Stefanos TSIOPANAS, Head of Technical Helpdesk Greece – DNV GL; Nikolaos Michas, Tanker Segment Manager – DNV GL; will bring you soon all the papers/presentations. A nice drinks and dips network followed.

Kira Phoenix K’inan 2018_Magenta Type 6 Glass 32x32x0.5cm

Coming up: INSPIRED, the London Glass Blowing Group Show  at the London Glass Blowing, SE1 3UD between the 31 of May to 15 June 2019; Private View : 30 May, 18.00-20.00. Our Kira Phoenix K’inan, the up and coming  Planet Ocean’s acclaimed multi artist,  will be there exhibiting. Did I hear you say Magenta? Here you go: MagentaType series takes inspiration from the photographic printing process, Cyan Type. The Cyan Type process produces cyan-blue prints by placing objects on top of paper that have been coated with two chemicals, which react to the light, resulting in a ghostly shadow of the objects that was once there. The MagentaType series uses three dimensional glass objects made in the hotshop and using heat produced in the kiln, these shapes flatten, becoming the shadow of the object they once were.

That’s all for tonight, have a nice evening and remain on guard for actions emanating from Pirates, Terrorists, Criminals and Business Hooligans whatsoever wherever you are on Planet Ocean.

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