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Use of mooring tails with HMPE lines
Friday, August 2, 2019, Panama Canal, Panama

When using HMPE (high-modulus polyethylene) ropes, the Panama Canal Authority (ACP) hereby requires the attachment and use of mooring tails (pennants) when the vessel is providing HMPE lines for mooring and lockage operations within the Panama Canal.

Mooring tails attached to the end of HMPE mooring lines are required to provide ease of handling as well as the necessary elasticity to absorb the usual dynamic loads generated during mooring and lockage operations.

Tails must be properly matched and connected to the specific HMPE line with which they are going to work. The size, material and length of the mooring tails (pennants) shall comply with the requirements by the HMPE line manufacturer.

Additionally, Section 20 of NT Notice to Shipping N-1-2019, “Vessel Requirements”, establishes the requirement for at least one officer and two seamen to be stationed fore and aft, respectively, to handle lines and machinery (winches) expeditiously when approaching a lock; while moored temporarily to a lock wall; when entering, in or leaving a lock chamber; when docking, undocking, or mooring to a tie-up station; when receiving and letting go tug lines; or when so requested by the pilot.

During mooring operations at the locks, the above-mentioned deck personnel shall follow the instructions of the ACP deckhand leaders stationed at the bow and at the stern, who coordinate the actions of the mooring team onboard the vessel and ashore. Constant communication and coordination with all parts of the mooring team enhances the safety and efficiency of the mooring operation.

(For information about operations in Panama, contact GAC Panama at operations.panama@gac.com)

Source: Panama Canal Authority Advisory To Shipping No. A-29-2019 dated 1 August 2019

New shipping control tower
Friday, August 2, 2019, Port Hedland, Australia

A new high-technology shipping control tower has opened in the Port of Port Hedland – the world’s largest bulk export port…

…The Hedland Tower – Integrated Marine Operations Centre – houses state-of-the-art vessel traffic control systems, equipment and emergency response facilities that will steer the safe and efficient movement of vessels through the harbour for the next 50 years…

…The Hedland Tower is one of three projects funded by the Port Improvement Rate (PIR), a temporary levy charged on vessels entering and exiting the harbour to fund capital improvements to sustain and improve safe long-term operation for all port users…

(For information about operations in Australia, contact GAC Australia at shipping.australia@gac.com)

Source: Extracts from Government of West Australia Media Statement (www.mediastatements.wa.gov.au/) dated 30 July 2019

Mooring & unmooring of vessels at Banyan Basin, Jurong Island
Friday, August 2, 2019, Singapore

The working period for operations at Banyan Basin, Jurong Island, has been extended.

As per the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore Port Marine Notice No. 072 of 2019 dated 2 August 2019, self-propelled barges and tug boats with barges in composite unit carrying bulk sand will be transiting the Banyan Basin, Sinki Fairway and Temasek Fairway to the Jurong Island Westward Extension (JIWE) reclamation project area.

Masters of vessels and harbour craft shall keep a proper lookout for these vessels, proceed at a safe speed and navigate with extra caution when in the vicinity of the mooring buoys off Bayan Basin, Jurong Island.

The mooring buoys are ‘BBB-1’, ‘BBB-2’, ‘BBB-3’, ‘BBB-4’, ‘BBB-5’ and BBB-6 with a total of three mooring slots between them. The positions of the mooring buoys are as follows:
BBB-1) 01 deg. 15.266’N / 103 deg. 41.613’E
(Yellow polyethylene buoy Fl .Y.2s.)
BBB-2) 01 deg. 15.084’N / 103 deg. 41.667’E
(Yellow polyethylene buoy Fl .Y.2s.)
BBB-3) 01 deg. 15.772’N / 103 deg. 41.326’E
(Yellow polyethylene buoy Fl .Y.4s.)
BBB-4) 01 deg. 15.644’N / 103 deg. 41.465’E
(Yellow polyethylene buoy Fl .Y.4s.)
BBB-5) 01 deg. 15.552’N / 103 deg. 41.528’E
(Yellow polyethylene buoy Fl .Y.3s.)
BBB-6) 01 deg. 15.370’N / 103 deg. 41.582’E
(Yellow polyethylene buoy Fl .Y.3s.)

The mooring buoys will be used for mooring of the bulk carriers. The mooring and unmooring of vessels will be carried out one at a time during daylight hours between 0700hrs to 1800hrs. The mooring buoys will be removed upon completion of the reclamation.

For information about operations in Singapore contact GAC Singapore at singapore@gac.com

Tsunami fears after powerful earthquake
Friday, August 2, 2019, Banten, Indonesia

Authorities in Indonesia have urged people living near the coast to move to higher ground after a 7.4 magnitude earthquake sparked fears of a possible tsunami.

The powerful quake was recorded at a depth of 10km, 147 Km southwest of Sumur, Banten, just after 7pm local time today (Friday 2 August).

For information about operations in Indonesia contact PT Andhika GAC at shipping.indonesia@gac.com

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