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Reasons to worry about US election, German litigants set up new skirmishes, and more

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Reasons to worry about US election, German litigants set up new skirmishes, and more

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10-14 August 2020, Vol.11 Ed.31

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Reasons to worry about US election: The outcome of the US election is still wide open, with plenty of room for mistakes by President Donald Trump and challenger Joe Biden. The contest will not be decided by traditional election dynamics or the economy. The winner will be the candidate who best comes to terms with the deep anger and bitterness which has resulted from dramatic social and economic change in America. But a bigger danger looms: Trump’s potential to undermine the elections and throw the entire American system into chaos, writes John Kornblum.

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Exaggerated worries over dollar demise: August has brought a profusion of excited commentary on the dollar and foreign exchange markets. Some reports suggested the greenback was in a free fall. Others conjured up the longer term – a sharp downward move raises questions that go to the heart of the global financial system and the dollar’s role. These stories are deeply exaggerated, writes Mark Sobel. Read more.


German litigants set up new skirmishes: German opponents of European government bond intervention are using a summer lull to prepare fresh legal skirmishes. German litigants are refusing to admit defeat after the ECB, Bundesbank and German finance ministry joined forces to parry the impact of a German court demand for more explanation of ECB bond purchases, writes David Marsh. Read more.


A long view of asset ownership: Following the launch of the seventh annual Global Public Investor, Stephen Gilmore, chief investment officer of the New Zealand Superannuation Fund, joins Mark Burgess, OMFIF Asia chairman, to discuss long-term approaches to asset ownership, asset allocation and the impact of Covid-19 on portfolios. Listen to the recording.


DLT and its potential use for CBDC: Vijak Sethaput, senior developer for the Bank of Thailand’s Project Inthanon, and Sky Guo, chief executive officer of Cypherium, join Chris Ostrowski of OMFIF to discuss the Bank of Thailand’s digital currency experiment. They talk about how blockchain can influence CBDC design choices and enable interoperability. Listen to the recording.


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