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Forging the Self/ Upcoming exhibition 5 Nov-12 Feb

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Forging the Self/ Upcoming exhibition 5 Nov-12 Feb

Forging The Self, a group exhibition bringing together four contemporary female artists exploring ways we can forge our individual and collective ‘self’ in response to current times. They approach their theme through works that aim to interpret what is ‘unphysical’, giving shape to such body-and-mind-imprintingmeta-cultural forces of memory, time and experience.

With an ambitious selection of mediums including moving image, painting and textile works, sculpture, and sound art, the show will be an eclectic, multi-sensory experience exploring the death of the image, the gender of God, geo-cultural memory, self-acceptance, the challenge of sex as taboo, and a matrix for space and consciousness.

Aleksandra Karpowicz    I    Iulia Filipovscaia    I    Katia Kesic    I    Ruth Fox
‘Women at home’ series
‘Let’s Talk About Sex’
‘Eleutherophobia – fear of freedom’ – single-channel video, 11’11”


5 Nov 2020 – 12 Feb 2021

The Koppel Project Hive
26-30 Holborn Viaduct
London, EC1A 2AT

Open via appointment on Mon-Fri 10am-6pm

To book an appointment please email info@thekoppelproject.com
ak@akarpowicz.com if you’d like to visit the 
exhibition with me



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