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Ancient Greeks: Science and Wisdom par excellence

What a way to start your day that was this morning at the Science Museum in London where we had the chance and privilege of a press and media preview of a historic exhibition!

It was indeed a re-discovery of how Greece’s ancient civilisation questioned, contemplated and debated the natural world of Planet Ocean. For us in the shipping industry an unforgettable exhibition on all counts.

Julia Knights introducing the event

I am sure thousands will visit this exhibition and witness the glory of Greece, the Greeks and their ancestors.

Many congratulations to all at the Science Museum and in particular to Jane Desborough, Julia Knight and their entire team for this unique lay out.

Jane Desborough speaking for the event

Many thanks also to Elena Soupiana of the Cultural Section at Greece’s Embassy in London and Ms Marianna Varvarigou of the Press office for their support.

…appetite stimulants

Congratulations to all donors, sponsors and supporters of this exhibition – most of them from the Shipping Industry, which opens tomorrow for the international public and ends on the 5th of June 2022.

Our short video says it all:

I am sure Greece’s Prime Minister must feel more than proud for this exhibition and timing was of essence given his visit in the United Kingdom.

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