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PROJECT CONNECT Membership Drive – Join us !

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We have embarked on a steadfast and substantive movement to sustain the Greek shipping industry by bridging quality young professionals in-the-making to shipping companies, as well as our main campaign, inspiring children to become seafarers with a most authentic program called Adopt a Ship.

PROJECT CONNECT needs everyone’s support and feedback! By joining, you would be actively contributing to the cultivation of the Greek maritime tradition in the next generation workforce together, through our Work-Study and Adopt a Ship programs. Everyone benefits, including you!

With your invaluable contribution you are constantly opening new horizons to young Greeks, most of which had no contact with our beloved Shipping industry! 

By becoming a member you belong to the group that is actively doing something about a global problem –not only a Greek one. The problem of steadily declining number of seafarers. 

Get on Board!

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