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North Aegean Region’s event in London

by admin
The London Hellenic Centre

A new extrovert action of the North Aegean Region will take place on the 24th of April 2024, this time in London’s Hellenic Centre, as part of the Cultural Events of the Region with the aim of promoting the islands of the North Aegean in the United Kingdom focusing to the main Festivals, that of Chios and Lesvos’ Sappho ones.

The Regional Governor of the North Aegean, Kostas Moutzouris, has the honor to invite selected Speakers and guests to an evening of Art and Culture, inspired by the beauty and history of the islands of the North Aegean with flavors and aromas of Lesvos, Chios, Samos, Limnos and Ikaria.

The two axes of the event will be the Chios Festival which will be held this year for the third year on 28/8 to 6/9 in Chios and the Sappho Festival in Lesvos which will be held for the first time this June in Lesvos.

The success of the previous medieval festivals of Chios which took place under the auspices of the British Embassy, ​​the Ministry of Culture, the GNTO and the University of the Aegean started with the blessing of the Archbishop of America, His Eminence  Mr. Elpidophoros and with the participation of important personalities of mind and art, such as Yanni Metzikof , Taki Mavrotas , Georgos BabiniotisRoderick Beaton, the Rector of Bolton University and Earl of St Andrews – originating from Greece, but also artists such as Eleftheria Arvanitaki , Katerina Geronikolou , Antoni Loudaro , Panteli ThalassinoIro ManeLina NikolakopoulouThodori Voutsikaki, and with retrospective exhibitions such as that of Giorgos Zymarakis, highlighted the medieval architectural wealth of the beautiful villages and castles of Chios and took us on a journey to the “Culture of Tomorrow with the Wind of Yesterday” giving the impetus for this year’s Festival with selected participants such as Prof. Georgios Babiniotis, the British Ambassador, the writer Victoria Hislop, the professor of the Greek Language at Cambridge Tim Whitmarsh, the professor and director of the Acropolis Museum Nikos Stampolidis, the historian and BBC producer Bettany Hughes, the CEO of the Academy of Athens Christos Zerefos conveying the greetings from the President of the Academy Stamati Krimizi, but also the award-winning director Eva NathenaMimi DenisiEleonora ZouganeliGeorge Lemos and George Hatzinassios as well as the internationally acclaimed artist Kalliopi Lemou with her exhibition at the Hamidie Mosque in collaboration with the Hellenic Center in London.

In this event of the North Aegean Region, distinguished personalities of letters and art, members of the Scientific and Academic community, Greek and British businessmen as well as a multitude of journalists from Greece and the United Kingdom have been invited and will honor with their presence.

H.E. the Ambassador of Greece to Britain Mr. Yiannis Tsaoussis will address the distinguished guests, with the prestige of his position, but also with his valuable interest in supporting in practice every worthy action that highlights the dynamics of Greece internationally.

The famous author Victoria Hislop will give a lecture on Greece and its history, the dominant theme of her books.

Historian Michalis Moschos who emanates from Chios, Director of The London Hellenic Prize, will present highlights from the 2022 and 2023 Chios Festivals, as well as the main axes of the event for the year 2024, in which the excellent preparation and composition for the presentation for another year of high value content and glamour.

The multi-awarded costume designer and set designer Eva Nathena will talk about her participation in this year’s Chios Festival.

Lakis Lazopoulos, who will present the program of the first Sappho Lesvos Festival, which will take place in June for the first time, will present this special event.

The event will be coordinated by Greek-Cypriot the communication specialist Andriani Manetta  who lives and works in London, also known for the presentation of the smartest robot in the world, Sophia .

The evening will be accompanied by Greek music group “Rebetiko” who will play songs by Manos HatzidakisMikis Theodorakis and Stavros Xarhakos .

The food dishes that will be offered at the event will be exclusive products of the North Aegean islands.

The North Aegean Region, with a sense of respect and admiration for the Culture, History and Traditions of its islands and looking to the future and its prospects with an expanded perspective and extroversion, seeks every year with the Cultural Events not only to give greater dynamics but also to “sail” the participants in a unique spectacle with distinguished Speakers and actions of exceptional quality promoting the mind and intellect to the maximum and uniting values ​​and projects, history and innovative ideas through visions and implementations, cultural and sporting events, as well as developmental positions and opinions presented, analyzed and disseminated by international personalities of Letters and Arts, the Scientific, Business and Academic Community.

You can register your participation and contact for clarifications at :


https :// politistikadromena . en /

The event will be held with the kind support of the Greek Embassy in London. Special thanks to the Ambassador Mr. Ioannis Tsaousis and to all the departments of the Greek Embassy, the GNTO Office for UK and Ireland, the HESGB (Hellenic Engineers Society of Great Britain), the Hellenic Cultural Foundation and the Hellenic Center in London.

The main sponsor of the event is  EUROBANK, which supports the Chios Festival from 2022 as its strategic sponsor.   

Media Sponsorhttps://allaboutshipping.co.uk .

The North Aegean Region would like to thank the following companies for the products and their contribution to the organization of this event:

Aeolian Village Eresos Lesvos Distillery of Isidoros Arvanitis of Lesvos, Mesotopou Lesvos Cooperative, Women’s Cooperative of Mesotopou Lesvos, Stoupakis Distillery Chios, Proaki Brothers company “To Patroparadoto” (“The Traditional”), S. Markakis, Nuts and Pastries of Lemnos: Zefyros.

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