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Faraclas live intervention on Vergina TV on sea parks

by admin

Another interesting theme to express our views on Vergina TV Athens studio with journalist George Vlachos and Lieutenant General (Rt) Hellenic Army’s Ground Forces Kostas Kousantas with Stergios Kalogiros moderating took place earlier on this afternoon BST.

Sea-Parks are essential to save our seas and the environment all over Planet Ocean, the third pillar of the IMO’s responsibilities. This UN specialised agency looks after the safety and security of shipping and the prevention of marine/sea and air pollution by ships in order to totally protect the environment. IMO’s work fully supports UN SDGs!

In this case here, the international public should know that we have PSSAs, meaning Particularly Sensitive Sea Areas that need more than a special protection through action by the IMO as same is significant for the recognition of ecological, socio-economic and scientific reasons which might be vulnerable to damage by international shipping and maritime activities. Thousand of underwater species down to the see bottom are in danger.

Greece declared its willingness to create two further sea-parks (two exists exist from the 90’s at the North Sporades the Allonissos – and six small islets, and the other one is south in the Ionian Sea’s Island of Zakynthos and includes also the Strofades islets – fifty miles away from Zakynthos), one from and including Cephalonia down and including the Kythira islands and adjacent to North West Crete and will include 12 (twelve) Natura regions and one more from East of Velopoula and Falkonera islets/rocks at the Myrtoon Sea off Spetses which will be from Milos Island, including the entire Cyclades Islands to the East and including also the Dodecanese Island of Nisyros.

Turkiye as always wishes to interfere, but has no any right whatsoever. As here we have also a lane for international waters – sea lanes/passages for international shipping, same must be taken on account. Already Turkiye violates the Law of the Sea with the so called Turkiye – Libya Memorandum which Turkiye lodged at the UN… To my personal view, a very dubious and shameful act given also UN Secretary-General’s behaviour not to strike back, return and totally refute same… Turkiye provokes all the time Greece, and this must end forthwith, end of the story!

Faraclas explained what are territorial waters, EEZ etc, the current sea borders of Greece, being also those of the European Union – 6 (six) sea miles at the sea and 10 (ten) miles in the air… Turkiye’s National Assembly a few years ago voted that any increase/extension of Greece’s territorial waters in the Aegean to 12 (twelve) miles will be a casus belli, in English cause/act of war between Greece and Turkiye…

More on the live video herebelow:

We look forward to your comments.

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Yannis Voudouris April 12, 2024 - 5:02 AM

Thank you Mr Faraclas for explanation and analysis about the natural Protected Areas.


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