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Q1 2024 Tsavliris Activities

by admin

Motor Vessel “SHOVELER” (pictured above)

On 1 March 2024, the Motor Vessel “SHOVELER” (GT 19,814 – DWT 30,928), laden with 28,600 tonnes of wheat in bulk, caught fire in the engine room, approx. 55 miles SW of port of Ponce, Puerto Rico. The vessel was en route from Montreal, Canada to Puerto Cabello, Venezuela.

Οn 2 March, Tsavliris mobilised the Fifi tug “PLIS FOS” (BP 85 – BHP 6,772) from Fort de France, Martinique. Towage to Curacao commenced on 4 March arriving at destination, in adverse weather conditions, on 8 March. With the assistance of two port tugs, namely the “LIMA II” (BP 60) and “MANTA” (BP 65), the vessel moored safely at Caracas Bay and the operation was successfully completed.

Bulk Carrier “RUBYMAR”

On 18 February 2024, the Bulk Carrier “RUBYMAR” (GT 19,420 – DWT 32,211), laden with 22,000 tonnes of ammonium phosphate sulfate fertilizer in bulk, was severely damaged by Houthi missiles off the coast of Yemen. The vessel was en route from Ras Al Khair, Saudi Arabia, to Varna, Bulgaria.

The casualty was evacuated immediately and in view of an environmental disaster in the southern Red Sea, the shipowners were minded to engage Tsavliris for the salvage operation.

Tsavliris prepared to mobilise a tug from Aden, an anti-pollution vessel from Greece, salvage team, divers team, equipment etc.

Sadly, the vessel sank on 2 March as she had been slowly taking on water since the attack.

Bulk Carrier “GAZIBEY”

On 7 December 2023, the Bulk Carrier “GAZIBEY” (GT 12,192 – DWT 17,786), laden with 9,900 tonnes of Fertilizer (Potassium Chloride Granule), suffered main engine failure and drifted approx. 60 miles off Falmouth, UK. During the incident the vessel was en route from Ust-Luga, Russia to Bayonne, France.

Tsavliris despatched the AHTS “ALP STRIKER” (BP 312 – BHP 24,400), arriving at the casualty on 8 December and towage commenced in adverse weather conditions to a sheltered area with the permission of the UK Coastguard. On 9 December, the convoy arrived at Falmouth Bay and remained in the sheltered area under towage connection.

On 11 December, during the vessel’s stay at the sheltered area, the engine problem was rectified and on 14 December, sea trials were performed with the salvage tug escorting. On 15 December, when the weather conditions abated, towage commenced to Bayonne, France. After inspections and adjustments on the engine, the vessel proceeded under her own power, escorted by the “ALP STRIKER’’.

On 17 December, the vessel arrived at Bayonne anchorage, escorted by the tug which provided standby services due to prevailing strong winds.

On 18 December, the “GAZIBEY” departed her anchorage with pilot attendance to Bayonne port and upon berthing, the operation was successfully completed.

New President for the Hellas Liberty Museum

On 13 March 2024, George A.Tsavliris was elected President of the Board of Directors of the floating Maritime Museum “HELLAS LIBERTY” for the next three years.  

“HELLAS LIBERTY” (ex SS Arthur M. Huddel, launched in 1943) is a Liberty ship which survived World War II. In 2008 she was transferred to Greece and after repairs she was converted into a maritime museum. Liberty ships represent the history of the resurgence of the Greek merchant shipping fleet following the end of the War. Tsavliris Salvage Group was involved in the towage of the ship from Norfolk, Virginia USA to Piraeus port (see picture below during towage).

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