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The International Environmental Impact of Marine Incidents

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Stavroula Gavridi

Stavroula Gavridi

You all know how sensitive we are on environmental issues, as well as how interested we are on fresh ideas and lastly how transparency should really be implemented. “Everybody” cares for the environment but few pragmatically act to save same. Marine incidents will be always there and lets see what Miss Stavroula Gavridi, a legal practisioner,  has to offer from the legal point of view. Firstly read the abstarct to get acquainted with what follows in her dissertation


Throughout the years the problem of marine incidents is rapidly growing despite the various legal and non-legal institutions involved. Transboundary Movement of Waste and their Disposal is a fast growing problem especially for the developing countries due to corrupted governments and the absence of legal regimes. This paper reviews the limitations of the relevant law and suggests ways in which it can be strengthened. It argues that the legal framework has failed into meeting its objective of protecting the human health and the environment. It also suggests a number of reforms to the Basel Convention as well as the adaptation of a mutual supportiveness background between the legal and non-legal institutions aiming in optimizing the health promotion. 

Viewers can log herebelow , read, study and comment on Miss Gavridi’s points within her dissertation:


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