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ABP marking 70 year anniversary since the end of the Second World War

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Five ships leaving ABP’s Port of Hull in the River Humber

Five ships leaving ABP’s Port of Hull in the River Humber

ABP is supporting the Maritime and Coastguard Agency’s (MCA) initiative for Victory in Europe Day by encouraging vessels to sound their horns in honour of the 70 year anniversary of the end of the Second World War.

Harbourmasters at all of ABP’s network of 21 British ports have issued a notice to mariners for ships berthed, anchored or moored within their harbours requesting they join a commemorative sound at 1500hrs on 8 May 2015.

The MCA has encouraged vessels in harbours to sound a single blast of 5 to 10 seconds duration on the ships’ whistle, subject to local harbour authority’s approval.

It was at 1500hrs on 8 May 1945 that Winston Churchill formally announced ‘Victory in Europe’ to the British public.

James Cooper, ABP Chief Executive said: “Ports played a vital role in delivering victory in the Second World War, forming a vital part of the military supply chain, just as they do for business in peacetime.

“As a result many became targets and endured repeated bombing raids. So, it is fitting that they should join in the VE day celebrations.”

ABP is the UK‘s leading port operator, with a network of 21 ports across England, Scotland and Wales.

About ABP

ABP is the UK’s leading ports operator with 21 ports and other transport related businesses creating a unique national network capable of handling a vast array of cargo.

ABP contributes £5.6 billion to the UK economy every year and supports 84, 000 jobs. Our current investment programme promises to deliver an extra £1.75 billion for the economy every year.

Our 21 ports are: Hull, Goole, Immingham, Grimsby, Southampton, Swansea, Port Talbot, Barry, Cardiff, Newport, Silloth, Barrow, Fleetwood, Garston, Troon, Ayr, Teignmouth, Plymouth, King’s Lynn, Lowestoft and Ipswich.


  • ·         Handles over 1.5 million vehicles every year
  • ·         Generates around one quarter of the UK’s rail freight
  • ·         Has 1.4 million square metres of covered storage
  • ·         Has 1, 000 hectares of open storage
  • ·         Handles around 100m tonnes of cargo each year
  • ·         Owns 5, 000 hectares of port estate
  • ·         Has 87km of quay

Our five year investment programme is worth £837 million. Our investment is designed to respond to the needs of our customers whose business relies on our ports for access to international and, in some cases, domestic markets.


Join us on Twitter: @abports21,  LinkedIn and YouTube

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