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Dafne Anghelidis – my priorities as new president of WISTA Argentina

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Daphne Anghelidis

Dafne Anghelidis – my priorities as new president of WISTA Argentina

 Following her election as president of WISTA Argentina, Dafne Anghelidis tells John Faraclas her priorities for the chapter’s work, her assessment of Argentina’s maritime status, and empowering women

Congratulations on your appointment as president of WISTA Argentina! What will be your priorities during your term of office, and how can the success of WISTA be advanced in the maritime industries in your country?

Thank you,  Mr Faraclas!  My priorities during my term of office will be to increase the number of members of WISTA Argentina, to plan interesting activities for the members, and to commit the members to cooperate with the association by team work and greater participation. I also aim to have WISTA Argentina well known among the local shipping companies, the educational institutions, local government offices and non-governmental bodies which have similar interests in women’s empowerment.

How can WISTA Argentina further the Association’s role of promoting education and professional excellence?

WISTA Argentina may develop alliances with local educational institutions, seek scholarships for the members, and organise academic conferences and activities.

What is the status of diversity in the shipping sectors in Argentina? How much has female participation risen in recent years?  Is there still a long way to go?

Indeed there is a long way to go. There are very few women in executive positions, not to mention the reduced number in CEO roles.

You are particularly close to the business of ships’ agency and logistics. This has in the past perhaps not been a major field for women. How are things changing, if at all?

Logistics business has developed more for women than shipping agency.  There are very few women in shipping agency positions, and those who are there can thank family legacy.

Succession at its best; on the left Belen Espiniera – WISTA Argentina vice president, Horacio Guillermo Vasquez Rivarola and Dafne Anghelidis the new WISTA Argentina president” – Picture taken in last year’s WISTA International AGM / Conference in Tromsø Norway. Picture credits Anny Zade

Argentina has gone through periods of economic squeeze and downturn, with an impact on levels and patterns of trade, port throughput and employment in all spheres. How can shipping assist in encouraging efficiency and providing a foundation for a more secure career development on shore and at sea? 

Argentina is mainly a commodity and raw material exporter, depending on seasonal factors, climate being the main one.  Shipping is therefore directly linked to seasonal production. This directly impacts the volume of business generated by the  shipping  industry. The bigger the harvest, the higher is the amount of work, thus the quantity of available jobs.  The oil industry is also developing due to the recent discovery of the huge field of Vaca Muerta, shale gas and oil, which has great potential for export, and presently for import of supplies for this industry.  Fishery is also a big source of export goods, as well as an area for female crew members to find a job.

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