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INSPIRED at London Glass Blowing

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Kira Phoenix K’inan with MagentaType series

INSPIRED at London Glass Blowing

What a wonderful evening at London Glass Blowing for the group exhibition, INSPIRED. Curated by glass artist Cathryn Shilling, all works flow together creating an exciting visual conversation.

London Glass Blowing asked CGS to invite its members to apply to this imaginative show INSPIRED. Members were asked for work that has been inspired by an object of some sort. In this case the definition of an object is: ‘A material thing that can be seen and touched but that is not a living animal, plant or person.’

Kira Phoenix K’inan exhibited two in her series MagentaType. MagentaType series takes inspiration from the photographic printing process, Cyan Type. The Cyan Type process produces cyan-blue prints by placing objects on top of paper that have been coated with two chemicals, which react to the light, resulting in a ghostly shadow of the objects that was once there. The MagentaType series uses three dimensional glass objects made in the hotshop and using heat produced in the kiln, these shapes flatten, becoming the shadow of the object they once were.

Busy night at London Glass Blowing for the private view of INSPIRED

‘I was hugely impressed by the overall quality of all the entries and it was wonderful to see pieces coming from all over Europe. In the end I believe the judging panel has come up with an eclectic shortlist which contains work inspired by some hugely unexpected sources. I’m really looking forward to the show.’ Grant Gibson- writer, editor and host of the new podcast Material Matters.

The Artists:
Stuart Akroyd, Alison Allum, Jenny Ayrton, G. William Bell, Philippa Beveridge, Tabitha Burrill, Estelle Dean, Celia Dowson, Dominic Fonde, Hannah Gibson, Crispian Heath, Ji Huang, Katherine Huskie, Kira Phoenix K’inan, Morten Klitgaard, Yuki Kokai, Jon Lewis, Julie Light, Alison Lowry, James Maskrey, Laura McKinley, Linda Norris, Yoshiko Okada, Jacque Pavlosky, Anne Petters, Lisa Pettibone, Georgia Redpath, Ruth Shelley, Boris Shpeizman, Anne Smyth, Andrea Spencer, Morgan Stockton, Nancy Sutcliffe Myriam Thomas, Sue Tinkler, Ulrike Umlauf-Orrom, Cara Wassenberg, Sarah Wiberley and Jinya Zhao.

Dates : 31 May – 15 June 2019

Address : London Glass Blowing, SE1 3UD

Closest Tube Station : London Bridge

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